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The business that is now Surendra’s Electro-Tech dealing in specialized medical instrumentation was established in 1998 and the Rathore family has owned and operated it successfully for 10 years. They and their staff are professionals who always keep in mind that Doctors and medical professionals are pursuing a noble profession where the bottom line is HUMAN LIFE. We at Surendra’s strive to provide the latest medical equipments along with the most efficient Post Sales services. We know that doctors work with knowledge and compassion. Surendra’s offers a wide range of products and the staff knows how to match those products to each.

They travel Pan Rajasthan to serve customers. For the past 10 years, our business has been primarily in the X-Ray machines ranging from 60 to 300 mA. We are growing in our Prime business area and have established an unbeatable track of installing more than 800 successfully running X-Ray machines in Rajasthan. Surendra’s is the authorized distributor for Sales and service for FUJI Film(JAPAN) for their C R System and consumables. Our market share in Rajasthan for C R Systems is an enviable 80%. we have installed 100 CRM/C in state. We also are the authorized dealer and stockiest for MINDRAY (CHINA) Doppler and sonography machines.

COMPANY PHILOSOPHY: "We provide excellent products and service and follow-up with the medical community to make certain that they are satisfied."
CHAIRMAN’S VISION: "The secret of greatness is simple: Do better work than any other man in your field and keep on doing it."

  •  "They gave me good service and the best of their attention. Also, I didn’t have to sit around and wait." - Dr. Hiran, Udaipur.(Hand Phone Number -9414159059).
  • "They explained everything I needed to know and the system carried a lot of products I need." - Dr Vinod Gupta (9214366367)
  • “The level of commitment and expertise of the people at Surendra’s was extremely impressive and the sales team was technically sound and appropriately trained.” - Dr Anand Binani (9414142747)


CHAIRMAN-Surendra Singh RathoreA motivated Electronics Engineer with a burning desire to excel in the field of medical instrumentation. Surender is a polite and charismatic individual. His understanding of the medical equipment technology and a natural inclination to serve humanity has seen the growing up of the name SURENDRA'S on the hi-tech health paraphernalia industry.

Sales And Marketing Division:
Under the leadership of our Sales Manager Mr Raghav Pareek, we have a committed team of 8 professionals. We are well equipped to handle operations and maintenance of all types of medical equipments.

Service Division:
Rakesh Sharma, our Service head is a well trained and experienced service engineer with over 5 years of experience in the field. He is the chief of a team of 10 service engineers.

Accounts Division:
All accounts and other commerce related activities are controlled and taken care of by the controller of accounts Mr. Jitender singh

Our running branches in Rajasthan state are jodhpur, udaipur, kota & bikaner for technical support.

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